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The nightmare begins.
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Melody -- Beania Immigration
1 - Greeting the Queen
Melody clung to her satchel, as well as to the sinking feeling that she had greatly, greatly underestimated herself yet again. Beania was larger than she expected it to be. Of course it would be large! She chided herself as she drifted through the crowds in Peagarden, What were you expecting, little bean houses for all the little bagbeans to live in? Come on. A little beanhouse would be much, much too small! She added again as an after thought, gliding around a fornlee. She took a moment to exchange a smile and a nod toward them on her way by.
In all honesty she wasn't expecting Peagarden to be so... so busy! She knew bagbeans predominantly made up the population, however she wasn't prepared for how many beings were here. Or their shapes or sizes! Melody had to stop herself from staring at a bavom earlier. She assumed it was a bavom -- it had the shape of one, however instead of a fish there was a bird on top of... What was the
:iconmeroviathan:Meroviathan 1 0
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[ TWWM ] Waterways - Warming Stone
"What," Steve began, his telepathic voice raised over Interlude's excited babble as he stared passed the brown esk "is </i>that?"
Interlude spun around and squinted, trying to locate the source of Steve's question. She was in the midst of telling her fellow mountain esk all about her recent adventures that began, as she reminded him, when they were playing with her ball that happened to land in the river. She had chased the river down and off the mountain, and honestly she was very excited to tell him all about it. Why, on her way home she had been practicing various gestures to put more oompf behind her story! She was looking forward to both telling and reenacting the entirety of events to the point where she decided she would follow him to his part of the boundary in order to do so, if she had to.
Or at the very least it was a Later Thing to Do. Interlude and Steve stared as a wisp of steam rose up from the tall grasses. The two esk exchanged a glance with each other be
:iconmeroviathan:Meroviathan 2 4
[ TWWM ] Waterways - Frost Stone
This didn't seem right. Interlude realized as she stared at the puddle in front of her. She wasn't even sure if she could even call it a puddle; most puddles she had ever seen and splashed through had a meandering shape. This one was simply... odd.
The plant-spirit took a quick walk around it, her false ears perked up to attention. She reached out and tapped a paw to it, jerking back quickly before daring herself to lay a paw on it for longer. She realized this wasn't a puddle; this was like a very, very thin layer of snow. The esk traced her grasping hand down the length of it, following the tear-drop shape to the end where a circular stone lay.
The esk picked it up in her paw, tilting it as she examined it. It reminded her of the cold snow on the mountains, however this was compacted again and again to the point of being something beyond ice. She set the stone down, shaking her paw before switching over to pick it up with her other paw. And it was so cold! What i
:iconmeroviathan:Meroviathan 2 0

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United States
Hey there, call me Maru!

This is my adopts/ARPG account.

Here you'll mostly find doodles mostly related to art-RPGs that take place here on dA. You'll also find terrible MSPaint doodles uploaded into my scraps folder.

Feel free to drop a comment here or on any of my deviations!

MM Nox #015 by ModMonsterMash


HP:00 | ATK:00 | SPD:00 | STH:00 | DEF:00 | EXP:00 | LVL:00

Species/subtype MM Mega | MM Nox

Beano Mutation/Status: None | None

Age: Adult

Height: Huge

Gender: Male

Occupation: Saendrayl's Transporation of Choice when Lazy

City of origin: Unknown

Mutations: Horns, Wings

Forms: N/A, already fabulous!


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